Year: 2016

Keeping it Clean: Understanding Food Safety on Farm

December 5, 2016

Food contamination is a major worry for people the world over and the first point of check is at the farm level itself. Food safety is of paramount importance and special measures are always taken to properly ensure this aspect. It begins with factors that involve growing the harvest and extends to packing and packaging […]

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Reasons Why Organic Food is Expensive

November 11, 2016

There is often a misplaced notion that it is the cost of chemicals, the pesticides and the fertilizers that contribute to the cost of food production and doing away with these factors will lower costs. Nothing can be further from the truth. Organic food is grown without these and still on an average costs about […]

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Considerations for a Beginning Commercial Organic Farm

November 2, 2016

Organic farming is much more than just farming without synthetic interference. It entails alterations to several constituents of the crop and livestock production method including increased usage of combined pest, weed and nutrient control procedures. Precautionary measures like crop rotations, cover crops, improved genetics, optimum populations, stress management and sanitation also assume a crucial role. […]

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Some advantages of Organic farming

October 26, 2016

A vast majority of us are well acquainted with the term organic and those of us who are not might have at least heard about it on a couple of occasions. The trend of natural food products is quickly growing in prominence. However, the concept of organic farming is quite old. The term organic implies […]

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Organic Gardening: Fertilise your trees properly and on time

October 17, 2016

Like other plants and vegetation, trees need nutrients to grow, maintain their structural integrity and flourish. If the soil, in which the tree is planted, lacks in nutrients, the tree runs the risk of losing its structural integrity and can likewise, fall prey to infection and insects. Besides impacting the health of the tree, nutrient […]

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Organic Food

Organic Food – The key to a healthy diet

October 6, 2016

Organic food has gone from prevailing fashion to standard element on market racks. Be that as it may, numerous buyers are still in doubt over the merits of an organic diet, since it’s frequently costlier than standard food products. You also might feel the same when browsing through the organic foodstuffs section in the supermarket […]

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