Give a New Look to Farmhouse near your Organic Farm


So you have an organic farm and now want to give your farmhouse a total makeover and a new look? If so, how do you go about it and what are the extra precautions that needs to be taken to maintain the cleanliness and integrity of your organic farm? This question would not have arisen if you had been the owner of a conventional farm. But organic farms need special attention to avoid contamination of produce, both from ground water channels as well as equipment used. Hence renovation work on a farmhouse near an organic farm has to be done with special care.

Before you start off by planning a new look for your farmhouse, remember that it is not necessary that modern farm houses should have the traditional rustic look of yore. Have it if you so desire. Use your imagination and do not be afraid to try out new ideas on refurbishing and restoration work. Mix and match so that the laid back style usually associated with farmhouses is retained while introducing an element of modernity in exteriors and interiors. An example will prove this point. Have antiquated barn doors of rough hewn timbre and put them in place of usual sliders normally associated with doors leading out to patios and pool areas. And if you need outdoor deck repair have it done by reputed deck contractors who can ensure that the old world solid cedar and pine look is not distorted in any way.

If your existing farmhouse has wallpapers, it’s time that you contemplated a total makeover, having them replaced by wood planks for that country look. You might miss the glitz and glamour of bright colored wallpapers but ultimately you’ll surely get to like that shabby look that is slowly reinventing itself in the interior decorating industry. The weathered repurposed look of the early nineteenth and twentieth century is coming back and you should be in  tune with the latest trends so far as giving a new look to your farmhouse at your organic farm is concerned.

The furniture that you plan to move in should match the overall feel of the renovation instead of sticking out like a sore thumb. Go for distressed furniture with a vintage finish. But at the heart of it make sure that it is tough and durable such as wood, steel and wrought iron in intricate designs. And a word about the drainage too – install water recycling and treatment plant to protect ground water purity. It will, not cost you the earth but will go a long way to do away with pollution at your organic farm.

And finally, a word about the exterior color – opt for pale shades such as white or gray or beige with a matted hue. This will blend in well with the surroundings and have the mellow Mother Nature look. This is very important because remember, right from your farmhouse extending on all sides will be your organic farm. The look of your structure should blend in seamlessly with the surroundings.